Reach your full potential by highlighting your style synergy


Corporate Style Solutions

Branding yourself today is important, it determines your personality and character among people. Branding yourself will give you an edge over others and when you portray your image right then it speaks of your success. You are obviously aware that within just thirty seconds of coming face to face with an unknown person, he or she forms the first impression about you. As a second chance for improving you first impression is seldom given, make sure that the first leaves a lasting and positive impression.


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Style Solutions

In the ever-changing world of fashion and style, what’s in today is theoretically out tomorrow. But after your professional style consultation, you will know what it takes to create and maintain a wardrobe that infuses you with confidence and takes your self-esteem to new heights.

When you know you look fabulous, you will consequently feel equally amazing.

You will walk, talk, and think differently.



Colour Consultations

The principles of colour are a powerful component in design, and particularly so when designing your look or image. We each have one, our very own personal brand. And the colour pallete of the overall design is equally as important as the hairstyle, clothes, and shoes that make up the whole. Actually, more important. Psychologists have long since known that colour is the first thing we notice about one another, so the impact of colour is immediate and lasting.



  • Avril helped me to figure out what palette of colours
    best suit my skin-tone, I now know what
    clothing colours and styles
    to look for in the shops and I no longer waste my time, energy
    and money on items that don’t suit me!
    Highly recommended!

    Ay Jeges
    Ay Jeges
  • I love what Avril does, I spent a day with her
    using her services and I can’t recommend
    Avril highly enough.

    Money well spent!

    Moira Bennett
    Moira Bennett
  • Avril is so talented . She sorted out my colour chart which really helps me look my best be it business or pleasure.

    She is so passionate about what she does.
    Thanks Avril!

    Angela Allard
    Angela Allard